Get help

Anyone affected by crime can access support from the Victim and Witness Hub or visit the Support Directory to see what support is available, dependant on the type of crime that was experienced.

There is a wide range of service providers within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough the majority of which will offer free, confidential and independent support. It may be difficult or overwhelming for victims to know what support is available to them, and what support is right for them. People unsure what support they want can contact the Victim and Witness Hub for free, independent and confidential advice on.

If someone is not yet ready to ask for support, they can use the Support for Victims and Support for Witnesses sections of the website. In these sections there is information about different types of crime, how they may affect people and what support is available.

People who prefer to contact an organisation directly can use the Support Directory to search for services that they can contact directly for support.

It can be difficult asking for help, and different organisations will offer different types of support. The first step is often asking for help and finding out what support is available.